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Use your bricks to make your own LEGO® Sudoku game! This is a fun LEGO game that kids will love and is easy to install with the available bricks. If you are not familiar with Sudoku, it is a puzzle with numbers. It consists of a nine square grid. Each of these squares is further divided into nine smaller squares. Each smaller square has a number from 1 to 9, so each number appears only once next to each vertically and horizontally adjacent square.

In this version of Sudoku-LEGO®, I decided to use groups of 6 squares instead of 9. This makes the game more controllable for younger kids, and it also means you only have six colors on LEGO bricks instead of nine. Grab it, you can easily expand the game to 9 colors if you want!

Place the game board first.

In an instant, you can remove the bricks to make a puzzle, but we found that it works best by filling it out first.

Make sure each square has one of each color, that each vertical row has one of each color, and that each horizontal row has one of each color.

Then remove the stones. The more you clear, the harder it is to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle below was just the right level of difficulty for my 6 year old. The 8-year-old was able to fix it with a few other deleted ones. Leave a “starting point” line for the puzzle that lacks only one color or a square that lacks only one.

Need more LEGO ideas?

So let someone fix it! The first step in solving the puzzle is to find a row of 5 or 6 stones. Find the missing color and fill it in. You can also search for a square that lacks only one color. Now you know what goes into this square to complete it! First, you may need to help children find fault. Oops, these are 2 red stones in a row! Delete what you just wrote and try again.

My kids loved solving these puzzles over and over again! It was just the right level for my 6- and 8-year-olds, but as I mentioned above, you can add 3 more colors and make it a 9 square grid if you want. Use only a 32 x 32 tray. These LEGO brain puzzle games are another fun game for kids to design and play!

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Create your own LEGO Sudoku game
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